Verification of reviews for authenticity

One of the important tasks of our service is to create a community of reliable performers and customers who can trust each other.

Unreliable reviews mislead customers and complicate the work of the service for honest performers. Therefore, we validate all feedback on completed assignments.

How is the check

System reviews are regularly checked. User accounts with signs of inaccurate reviews receive a warning. If it is confirmed that some of the user's reviews were cheated, his profile is blocked permanently.

Cheat - creating tasks in order to get or write to another user an inaccurate review to artificially influence the rating in Qjob or other indicators.


- Why was I banned for cheating reviews?

- A system check confirmed that you used more than one account on the service to artificially influence the rating of one of them. This is a gross violation of the rules, so the account is blocked without the possibility of recovery.

The profile is blocked only if we are completely sure that the rules have been violated. This information is verified several times in different ways. If we do not have enough grounds for blocking, we do not close the user access to the profile, but first send an email warning that signs of cheating have been detected.

- Provide evidence.

- In order to prevent cheating, we do not disclose information about the criteria for the verification.

- I got a warning, what should I do?

- Continue to work on the service and do not break the rules.

If we notice signs of violations in the user's profile, we will first send a warning and monitor their subsequent activity. The user can continue working without any restrictions. The main thing is not to break the rules.

- I was blocked, but the package of unlimited offers has not ended yet or there is still money in my account.

- After blocking, unused days in the unlimited package will not be recalculated, and the account balance in Qjob will not be available.

- I admit my guilt. Can you unban me?

- If you have already been blocked, and not just warned, then there is no chance of returning to the service. But if you are ready to admit your guilt, this is already a good signal. In rare cases, we can consider the situation on an individual basis.