How much is the commission for tasks with the Safe Deal

Financial transactions under the Safe Deal are carried out by Barion. For these services, the payment system takes a commission, which is debited from the customer's bank card together with the payment for the task. For specialists, Safe Deal.

For the customer

For the use of SBR, the customer is charged 10% of the cost of the contractor's services. In the proposals for the assignment, the customer sees the full amount that will be debited from his card at the time of the selection of the contractor, including the commission of the payment system.

Example 1

Robert creates a job with a Safe Deal for HUF 8,000. This amount already includes the commission, so the performers see that the task costs 7200 forints. If the contractor agrees with the price, the offer remains the same amount indicated by the customer - 8,000 forints.

7200 forints (the cost of the service that the performer sees)

800 forints (10%) service commission

= 8000 forints (total cost for the customer)

When Robert selected Tibor as the specialist of the task, the money will be debited from his bank card and will be reserved in the Barion payment system. Upon successful completion of the work, Tibor will receive 7200 forints.

For the specialist

The commission for the SBR is paid only by customers, for specialists it is free.

When publishing proposals, performers see the cost that they will receive on the card if the assignment is successfully completed. They can agree with the customer's price or offer a counter value.

Example 2

Robert creates a job with a Safe Deal for HUF 8,000. Tibor wants to get more than 7200 forints for his work and publishes his offer with a price of 9000 forints. The customer sees the cost of 10,000 forints. This amount will be debited from Robert's bank card if he chooses Tibor.

HUF 9,000 (service cost)

1000 forints (10%)

= 10,000 forints (total cost for the customer)

When the task is successfully completed, Tibor will receive 9000 forints to his bank card.


- When is the commission charged?

At the time of choosing an artist. The amount of the commission is included in the total cost of the order.

- If the cooperation failed, will the commission payment be returned to me?

The commission is debited at the time of the selection of the contractor Since the fact of using the service took place, regardless of the results of cooperation, the commission is not refundable.

What the Safe Deal gives:

  • helps to order services safely from contractors,
  • keeps money securely during work execution,
  • guarantees that Qjob arbitration specialists will connect if a dispute arises.

* All financial transactions for the transfer of funds are carried out using the Barion service.