Speciast's liability on Qjob: in which case can compensation be received

Qjob compensates for material damage in jobs with no Safe Dial.

The maximum compensation amount is HUF 10,000.

Compensation is provided for the actions of the contractor, as a result of which the customer suffered material damage. Lost profits and moral damage are not compensated.

Conditions for receiving compensation

  • The contractor and the customer recorded the agreements in the published assignment on QJob (the parties cooperated under the terms of the assignment, not directly).
  • A performer is selected in the assignment.
  • Payment in the task was reserved through the "Safe Deal" service.
  • If, according to the terms of the assignment, the customer handed over material values ​​to the contractor, the "Parcel value" field was filled in in the assignment.
  • In the tasks for the transfer of funds, a receipt was issued, or in the task creation form, the condition “Take payment for the goods from the recipient and return to the customer” was marked.
  • The selected performer on the Qjob service has the status "Passport confirmed" or "Verified", or the customer can provide the performer's passport data (issued receipt).

How to get compensation

Send your application to info@qjob.hu using the email address where the customer's account is registered. Third-party claims will not be accepted.

What should be included in the application:

  1. link to the task,
  2. a short description of the situation as a result of which the material damage was caused,
  3. receipt, photographs, and other evidence.

We try to consider disputes as quickly as possible and compensate material damage without lengthy proceedings. But in cases where it is necessary to collect additional information, the consideration of the situation can take up to several working days. We ask you to treat this with understanding and do not worry.

To clarify the details, we can ask the customer to come to our office and personally provide passport data and other documents necessary for contacting law enforcement agencies (in cases of fraudulent actions by the contractor)