How to edit an account

You can change the information in your profile at any time: add skills, indicate prices for services, change your profile picture, phone number or email address.

How to change information about yourself

To edit information about yourself, log in to the site with your username and password, and go to the "Profile" section.

Choose categories

Here you can delete or add categories from the list that you are interested in. Subscribe to our newsletter, so you can get informed about new tasks in your prefered categories.

Add information about yourself

Write about your: education, work experience, successful projects, hobbies, and a couple of you best qualities and why it's good to work with you.

Refresh profile picture

To change the profile photo, you must go to the "Profile". Click the “Change Photo” button. Chose a high quality photo, your face should take 2/3 of the photo.

Add cost of services

You can add the location and price of your services.

Don't forget to save the changes.

How to change email address

Changing your email address is not possible on our site, if you want to use an other email address you have to register again. In special cases plese contact the

How to change phone number

You can do it by yourself any time. A message containing the verification code will be sent to your new phone number. Read more

How to attach / detach social network

You must go to the "Profile", then you will see a list of social networks. Select the one you need, click the “Bind” button and enter the username and password for the selected social network.

Before binding a page, check who is logged in to the social network on your device. The account that will be actived at the moment will be attached to the account on

If you want to untie the social network, contact support.