Safe deal

Risk-free deal allows to conveniently and safely pay online and get money for tasks on a bank card.

Advantages of Risk-free deal

100% payment guarantee

Upon the successful completion of a task, the payment is forwarded to a specialist.

Safe collaboration

Till the deal is completed, the money is stored in the special payment system.

Guaranteed return

If the task is not executed, the money is returned to the customer.

Handy payment

Fast and free online payment by a bank card.

How does Risk-free deal function?

Creation of a task

The customer selects non-cash payment method via Risk-free deal.

Selection of a specialist

After selection of a specialist, the payment is withdrawn from a bank card of the customer and stored on the special account till the task is completed.

The task is completed

After the confirmation of task completion, the money arrives to the special account of specialist's payment system, in case of non-confirmation - it is returned to the customer.

How to use it?

Only the customer can choose a payment method!

Creating a task, you need to choose the point 'Online payment through Risk-free deal'. You will receive proposals from specialists, who are ready to work through Risk-free deal. You can change the payment method only upon agreement with a specialist in the mode of task editing

After selection of a specialist you will be redirected to the payment service, where it will be required to indicate the data of your bank card - the payment will be reserved till the successful completion of a task.

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What budget you are counting on?

Payment upon agreement with a specialist
Without guarantee of money return in case of failure to perform a task.
You agree with a specialist about the payment method yourself.
Payment online by Risk-free deal
The payment will be withdrawn from your bank card at selection of a specialist and will be stored till the completion of the task.
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