How not to be cheated

According to the working conditions of our service, users themselves choose with whom and under what conditions to cooperate, we do not affect this decision, therefore we strongly recommend that you take additional care of your own safety.

How can you play it safe?

  • Pay attention to user reviews

Feedback is the main tool for making a decision on cooperation. A frequently recommended user values ​​his reputation. Always read reviews about a person, especially if you intend to entrust him with money or valuable items.

  • Make a contract, take a receipt

When you let a specialist into your house, ask for a copy of his passport from him, trust him with financial means or material assets - ask for a receipt. If possible, we recommend signing a contract.

Take care of your safety in advance, and scammers will bypass you.

It is not necessary to draw up stacks of papers and contact lawyers. For most tasks on Qjob, a document in simple writing is suitable, where you can formulate in your own words the working conditions (tasks, payment, deadlines, etc.) and record passport data. It will take several minutes to draw up such a paper, and it will greatly help in resolving disputes through a court or arbitration.

When transferring any items of material value, as well as cash, draw up a receipt. If you order courier services for the delivery of valuable goods or pay for the purchase of building materials, always record the fact of transfer or receipt of funds.

Situations are different, sometimes without any malicious intent, one of the parties can forget the amount of payment, which can cause disputes and distrust in the work.

Write down all the conditions and stages of cooperation in the contract (download the sample contract), draw up receipts for the transfer of money (download the sample receipt).

Remember: without a receipt, contract, other documents, it will be difficult for you to prove that you transferred money and other material values ​​to the user.

  • Check passport details

Even if you think that drawing up a contract or issuing a receipt for a task is not practical when the task is connected with a possible financial liability, at least check the user's passport data.

Please remember: we are not the employer of our users and do not affect your decision on cooperation. You choose the customer and the contractor yourself.

Despite the fact that we do not participate in agreements and mutual settlements between users, we are always ready to join the dialogue in a conflict situation and make every effort to resolve it