What if I received a negative review

Feedback is a person’s personal opinion about the process of completing a task and the result of work. It is protected by copyright, so we cannot hide or change it. This is the right to do only the author of the review.

What if you received a negative review?

1. Try to resolve the issue yourself

Write to the customer or contractor. Situations are different, it often happens that you simply do not understand each other. In a controversial situation, we are ready to connect and help you, but first try to contact the user and solve the problem yourself. Write a polite, without negative, message to the customer or contractor, try to find out why he left a negative review.

2. Write in support

Do not rush to leave a negative review in response. If you think the assessment is unfair, we are ready to connect and help you find out the reasons for this review. Upon verification, it may turn out to be undeserved or simply erroneous (this also happens).

Additional materials will help to understand the situation: a screenshot of the correspondence or a photo of your quality work. We will be grateful if you can provide them to us.

We will help you find out the reasons for the negative feedback, but we won’t be able to change or hide it.

Write in support