How to change a task

If you have not yet chosen a performer, you can change the conditions and cost of your assignment. Go to "My tasks" and select the one you want to update.

Find the "Edit Job" button.

What can be changed

Description. Add details or edit conditions. Attach a photo with examples of similar works to the text. This will help the performers better understand the task and estimate the cost.

Time. It is not necessary to immediately know the exact start and end times of work. You can always discuss them with the performer personally and update in the assignment, if necessary.

If the task is closed for suggestions, just change the date - the task will be seen again by the performers and will be able to respond to it.

Cost. It is not always possible to immediately set the desired price. If you want more offers, try increasing your budget.

It so happens that the performer needs to change the cost to the one you agreed on, but the task has already been closed for offers. Change the time so he can do it.

The type of payment - in cash or using the “Risk-Free Deal” service - can also be changed. To do this, click "Change" next to the type of payment and select the appropriate one. We recommend that you always use a Risk Free Trade. It is more convenient and safer with it: you pay for the task only after you confirm that it has been completed and are protected by Qjob.

How to cancel a job

When the task expires, it closes automatically. Performers do not see it in the task feed and cannot leave their suggestions to it. If the task is no longer relevant to you before the end of the term, you can cancel it.

Find the "Edit Job" button at the bottom of the order page. Hover over to make it active and click on it. In the window that opens, select "Cancel Job". Performers will stop seeing him in the list and will no longer send you suggestions.

How to re-create a task

If you need the same service again, you don't have to waste time re-creating the order. Find a similar one in the "My orders" tab and just click the "Create again" button.