What is a Transaction without risk, what is it for?

A risk-free transaction allows you to conveniently and safely pay and receive money for tasks on a bank card.

The cost of the task is debited from the customer's bank card and stored on a special account in the payment system. When both parties confirm that the work has been successfully completed, the money goes to the contractor's bank card. If the task is not completed, the amount is guaranteed to be returned to the customer.

How to use a Risk Free Trade

If you are a customer

At the time of creating the task, specify the payment option by bank card.

After choosing the performer, the cost of the task will be reserved on the account in the payment system of our partner.

The task is completed. As soon as you mark that the task is completed, the payment is automatically sent to the executor's bank card.

The task was not completed. If you indicate that the work has not been completed, and the contractor confirms this, the money is automatically returned to your card.

When you note that the task has not been completed, and the contractor does not close it from his side, we send him SMS and push notifications with a request to indicate the status. If he does not respond within 3 days, the amount will be returned to you automatically.

If you are a performer

If the task does not contain the “Risk Free Deal” icon, offer the customer to use this service. Edit the order and select the "Risk-Free Deal" payment method

The customer can accept your offer or prefer to pay in cash. If you want to work only with a Deal without risk, respond to those tasks in which payment by bank card is selected.

The task is completed, but the customer does not confirm. If you note that the work has been completed, and the customer does not specify the status of the task, we send him SMS and push notifications with a request to close the order. If he does not respond within 3 days, payment will be automatically transferred to your bank card.

The task was not completed. When you mark that the task has not been completed, the money is automatically returned to the customer.

How much does it cost

If you are a customer

A commission of 10% of the order value is charged for using the Transaction without risk. The commission amount is added to the cost of the job.

If you are a performer

For performers, a risk-free transaction is free. A commission is charged from customers for using the service.

Controversial situations

If the contractor or the customer considered that the work was completed, and the other was not completed, or left a negative review, the situation falls into arbitration. Read more in the article "Risk Free Arbitrage".


- If I indicate an approximate price in the assignment, and during the discussion with the contractor it changes, how much will be charged from the card in the end?

Before appointing an assignee, be sure to agree on the cost of the work with him. At the moment of choosing a contractor, the price specified in the offer will be debited from your card. If the agreed cost of the job differs from this amount, ask the contractor to change it.

- What if you failed to agree on the price?

Do not appoint an assignee until you agree on the final cost of the work. If you could not agree with one candidate, study other proposals for the assignment.

- What if the cost has changed in the course of the work?

The Risk Free Deal functionality does not allow changing the reserved amount. If in the course of work the cost of the service changes, you can:

create another task for the selected executor and spend the remaining amount on the Transaction without risk;
make final settlement outside the Qjob.

- What amount can be transferred through a Deal without risk?

The maximum transaction amount is 150,000 forints, the minimum is 2,000 forints. Payment can only be made using a bank card.

- Can I use any card?

Any cards that meet the partner's requirements are accepted.

Qjob does not store bank card details. Only the first and last 4 digits of the number are available to us, so that we can transfer users' requests under the Transaction without risk to the payment system support service.

- What if something went wrong?

For any questions you can contact the support service.

Payment system

All financial transactions for the transfer of funds are carried out using the Barion service.

Terms of receipt of payment and return

If you receive a message from us that the payment has been transferred, the money will be credited to your account shortly. This usually happens within 3-5 minutes, but according to the principles of bank transfers, money can go up to 7 business days.