Cleaning is required in the bathroom and shower.

6 000 Ft
Task completed Task published: a year ago 1041 views House cleaning
Number of bathrooms
2 bathrooms
One-time cleaning
Addidtional services
Window cleaning
Wardrobe cleaning
  • Budapest, Tinódi u. 1, 1095 Magyarország
Expected start:
2020 May 24, 08:00
Expected finish:
2020 May 24, 10:00
Payment method
By agreement
6 000 Ft

Task description

Cleaning in two rooms in the bathroom and shower in the amount of about 18 m2. It is necessary to wash all the walls, floor and doors, plumbing (bathroom, 2 toilets, trouble, 3 sinks). Wash the shower room, and two small windows, three mirrors. Wash shelves and cabinets. You must have your own cleaning products and rags. A bucket and stairs are in place.