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Szövegírót keresek PR cikk írásához
4 500 Ft

Gyors, kreatív, kedves szövegíró. Folyamatosan elérhető, gyorsan reagál! Mindenkinek csak ajánlani tudom.

Szövegírót keresek egy rövid cikk megírásához
5 400 Ft

Krisztián mindig gyorsan és pontosan dolgozik! Rendkívül megbízható fiatal ember, szövegíró.

Krizanta Amanda
2 500 Ft

Nagyon elégedett vagyok Krisztián gyors és precíz munkájával, valamint a hozzáállásával.

25 000 Ft

A szado-mazo ülésünk remekül sikerült, beszélgettünk és rajzfilmeket néztünk) Vilmos nagyszerű művész, a tetoválás jobban sikerült, mint vártuk. Minden szuper.Érezd a profi élményt. Köszönöm. Az ár szuper. A munka minősége kiváló, nincs panasz! Kiváló mesterember, ajánlom őt bárkinek, akit ismerek)))

Sörhasú férfiak kerestetnek
5 000 Ft

Minden szuper volt. Elégedett vagyok a sörhasú modellel! Nagyon jól pózolt, illetve boldog vagyok, hogy sikerül ilyen body positive férfi reklám anyagot lefotózni.

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Clients' reviews

After a month and a half on Qjob (as a certified virtual assistant), I recommend it from my heart. Qjob is for those who have work to give or are looking for work. I think that this new type of professional search is a great idea ...
As a professional, one of the biggest benefits of this site is that everyone on my profile can see my work, and it is rated. The assignments are self-explanatory, the interface is very transparent, and it is convenient to organize work.
My laptop stopped while writing a thesis. I was really scared that I've lost all my work so far. On the site I found a specialist who saved the data to a replacement machine and brought it back in 2 days to repair my computer . My thesis got the highest grade , thank you!
I was looking for help with autumn garden work, my granddaughter recommended Qjob. Signing up was easy and posting was easy. One week after accepting the best quote, we were done. Thanks, without this page we could not have finished this year!
I love cats, but they also loved to sharpen their claws on the sofa . I asked for help on Qjob and put up the picture of the ruined sofa. It was half a day later, I got four upholstery quotes, and two days later I was flipping my cats off our new sofa.
I had to rent mini buses for a family event. Instead of searching and asking for quotes, I simply placed an order on Qjob.hu and the next day I could present the best deals to the family council!
As a professional, one of the biggest benefits of this site is that everyone on my profile can see my work, and it is rated. The assignments are self-explanatory, the interface is very transparent, and it is convenient to organize work.
I don't have a secretary , a marketing specialist, a designer, an interpreter, a stylist or a lawyer. Instead, I use Qjob.hu, which helps me in my search for a specialist in all areas.
Unfortunately, I could not bring an important document to my lawyer. It was lifesaving that a reliable courier, who I found on Qjob, had already arrived within 2 hours of the order! Thanks!
I have been a specialist on Qjob for 3 days and have earned € 35. The benefits of Qjob: creative and always interesting tasks. There are tasks starting from 1000 HUF. The surface is very transparent, Safe and simply a cool place to search for a specialist.
I can recommend Qjob.hu as an excellent help, where searching for a specialist is always successful ! We use it constantly. Most of the time we advertise copywriting, logo creation, and other small tasks that our people don’t always have time for.
A girlfriend recommended Qjob. I logged in, registered, and created a shopping task for HUF 2,000. And that’s where things started - I didn’t think so many people would take on this task and I would find a professional so quickly. Thanks!

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