How to quickly find interesting tasks


The most convenient way to learn about new interesting tasks is to subscribe to order notifications in your category. To do this, go to your profile settings and choose a convenient method: email or push notification.

Search by assignments

There is a Find Jobs tab on the Qjob website and mobile app. Here are all the tasks that you can respond to. Select a city, a category and enable the necessary filters.

Write any word or phrase in the search box. The page will display all assignments that contain words from your query. Recent requests are automatically saved. You don't have to re-enter them next time.


Use them to find matching orders faster.

No suggestions

You will see tasks for which no one has yet left offers. We advise you to respond to them as soon as possible before competitors appear.


Jobs that are about to expire. In them, customers will not delay the choice of the contractor.

Search radius

The filter helps you search for orders nearby and spend less time traveling. Set the desired search radius and you will see all tasks within this radius.

Search by price

Specify the minimum cost of the job to see only orders that are beneficial to you.

Risk Free Trade

In such tasks, you will receive payment to your bank card. After the customer chooses you as a contractor, money for the work is reserved and stored until the job is closed. You will receive payment as soon as the customer confirms that the task is completed. If he forgets to confirm - three days after the successful completion of the work.