What is important for performers to know for a successful start

1. Service rules

Be sure to read why you can lose your performer status.

2. Profile design

  • Tell us about yourself: how old are you, where you studied, worked. Indicate all the benefits that the customer will receive if they choose you as the executor of their assignment.
  • Mark the categories of tasks in which you are ready to work.
  • List the services you provide and the cost of your services.
  • Download examples of work. We recommend that all performers do this. For example, if you plan to work as a courier, upload your photo with a parcel or a bouquet of flowers in your hands.

Please note: it is forbidden to indicate any contact information in the profile: phone, e-mail, links to third-party services.

3. Account top up and payment for offers

QJob performers are paid to respond to paid jobs. After the publication of the proposal, the customer immediately receives the contacts of the contractor and can. In fact, Qjob services are debited from the contractor's account only after you have been selected by the customer.

To respond to the assignment, you need to carefully read the description and click the "Add proposal" button. You can pay for the offer in two ways:

Method 1. Unlimited offers package

You can purchase a package of unlimited offers and leave an unlimited number of offers for tasks.

  • Suitable for active performers who are going to constantly complete tasks and want to increase their income.

Method 2. One-time offers

If you do not want to purchase an unlimited package of offers, you can respond to tasks and leave payment for each offer

  • Suitable for performers who perceive the service as a part-time job or take orders on an irregular basis.

4. Subscription to assignments

You can subscribe to assignments in a category or area of ​​interest to you. New job notifications will be sent via email and via the QJob mobile app.

We recommend that you install and use our mobile applications (IOS or Android) in order to respond as quickly as possible to new tasks and answer customer questions.

In the categories "Virtual Assistant", "Design", "Business Services", "Web Development", "Shipping", "Tutors and Training" you can complete assignments from any city in Hungary.

5. Suggestions

To make you more often chosen as a performer, try to leave proposals for new tasks as soon as possible and describe in detail your services and benefits.

If the price quoted by the customer seems unsuitable for you, offer a counter value. Many customers willingly agree to the terms of the contractors.

6. Communication with the customer

After you leave a proposal for the task, the customer will be able to call you or ask a question in a personal chat. Discuss the details of cooperation. If no Risk-Free Deal is selected in the task, agree on a convenient payment method.

Ask the customer to choose you as a performer on the service. After he does this, you will receive a Notice with the name and phone number of the customer. Call him, thank him for the trust and after discussing all the details, get to work.

7. Feedback

Feedback helps us build a community of trusted QJob performers and customers. After completing the task, be sure to indicate on the service that the work is completed and leave feedback about the customer. Remember to remind him to leave a review for you. The more positive reviews you have on your profile, the more often you will be chosen as a performer.

8. Blocking

Read about why you can lose your performer status. Follow the service rules and provide high-quality services - and you will succeed!

So, the basic rules:

  • Complete your profile.
  • Leave attractive offers for new assignments. Include a counter value if you disagree with the customer's budget.
  • The higher your rating, the more often you will be chosen as a performer.
  • Be polite and considerate with your customers. Do not forget about a smile :) It will help you leave a pleasant impression with the customer.