How to create an attractive offer

To offer the customer your services, you must leave a proposal for his task. Your phone number is automatically added to the offer, which will be immediately available to the customer. He can call you directly, or write you a message in the chat to discuss the details of the assignment.

You can get the customer's phone number (via SMS and email notifications) if the customer chooses you as the executor of the task.

In order for the customer to contact you or to choose you as the executor of the assignment, it is important to interest him in his proposal and terms of cooperation. The sooner you leave a proposal for other performers, the greater the chance that you will be chosen.

What to write in a sentence

An offer, like a conversation with a customer, is important to draw up in as much detail as possible, since the customer will receive several offers from different contractors and will have to choose the right one.

  • Observe the rules of decency and norms of the Hungarian language: be sure to say hello, be polite and tactful.
  • Formulate the terms of cooperation with you, specify the terms, convenient payment method. If you have any questions, ask them and offer to call to discuss them.
  • List the positive qualities that will convince the customer that you are the best candidate. You can pay attention to the number of completed tasks or reviews in your profile.
  • Please describe your skills and experience. The portfolio will say the best for you, invite the customer to study it in your profile.

If the declared reward does not meet your expectations, feel free to indicate your price in the offer. Even if the offered price is higher, but the performer has good reviews or responds to the task the fastest, customers, as a rule, make concessions.

Conversely, you can set a price lower than the stated price to attract the customer's attention. This is especially true at first, while you have not yet formed a reputation from excellent reviews.