Unlimited packages

Unlimited offers packages allow you to leave an unlimited number of offers for all tasks in any category.

Payment for the package is debited from the account of the contractor at the time of purchase, for this there must be an appropriate amount on your account in Qjob.

How to purchase a package of unlimited offers

Go to qjob.hu/package and select the job categories or subcategories that interest you.

You can choose different expiration dates for the package. Payment is possible for 15, 30 and 90 days. The longer the package is valid, the higher the discount and the lower the cost of the service per day.

If there are not enough funds on your Qjob account, the system will offer you to choose a convenient way to replenish your balance.


Who benefits from package packages

Packages are primarily suitable for contractors who want to significantly increase the number of orders and reduce the cost of paying for offers. And also for beginners who want to quickly increase their income and get a higher ranking on Qjob faster. The package allows you to leave more offers and reduce the cost of their payment. The more offers the performer leaves within the package, the lower the final cost of one offer.


- How many offers can I leave with an active unlimited package?

There are no restrictions. You can submit any number of offers worth 0 forints each.

- Don't you think it's expensive?

According to our data, the cost of a completed order for Qjob at the moment is one of the most profitable on the market. And according to the reviews of our performers, unlimited packages help them reduce the cost of finding new orders and customers.

If you know services with a similar volume and quality of orders, where the cost of the completed task is lower, please share this information with us. We will adjust prices.

- Is it possible to completely refuse a one-time payment for offers in favor of packages?

There are no such plans yet.