What are paid job offers

Performers respond to assignments and advertise their services with offers. The ability to leave offers is paid. With the exception of those tasks, the services of the service for which were paid by the customer.

Together with the proposal, the customer receives the contacts of the contractor and, if interested, contacts him and entrusts the order.

If the customer has not chosen you as the contractor, then the reserved funds for the response are returned to your account

Payment methods for offers

1. Unlimited package

Within the package of unlimited offers, you can respond to all tasks without restrictions. The price of one offer in a category with a connected package is 0 rubles.

2. One-time offers

Payment is reserved immediately after the publication of the offer, but is debited from the account at the time the contractor selects you. The cost of the offer is determined by the service tariffs.

How to find out the cost of an offer

The cost of the offer is indicated under the title of the assignment and on the "Add offer" button.

The indicated amount is reserved in the account immediately after the publication of the offer. And it is returned to the account if you are not chosen as a performer.

How to write a proposal

To make you more often chosen as a contractor, try to promptly leave offers for new orders. To do this, subscribe to notifications about new tasks and check the feed more often.

Be sure to install the Qjob mobile apps (IOS and Android) and set up notifications to be the first to know about new jobs.

Minimum prices for services have been introduced in each category and subcategory. The customer cannot specify a lower cost in the assignment.

If you think your work is more expensive, you can specify a counter price for which you are willing to complete the task. Many customers willingly agree with the prices of the performers. The main thing is to convincingly explain why your services are more expensive.

I agreed with the customer, what's next

As soon as you have discussed the terms of order fulfillment with the customer, record the start of work on the service. To do this, ask the customer to choose you as a contractor. As soon as the task author does this, we will send you an SMS with the customer's phone number.

After you have completed the order, do not forget to close the order. Ask the customer for feedback on your work. Reviews affect the rating. And the higher your rating, the more often customers entrust you with their tasks and the faster your income grows.

How and where to top up your account

With a negative balance, you cannot leave offers. To replenish it, go to the "Account" section in your profile and choose a payment option that is convenient for you:

  • bank card
  • online wallet
  • banking application, etc.

On the same page you can see statistics for all operations. The minimum deposit amount is 1000 forints.

Also at any time you can make a refund from your Qjob account.


- When are money for offers debited?

At the moment the customer chooses the performer or payment for the unlimited package.

- Can the money spent on the offer be refunded?

Performers pay Qjob for the opportunity to advertise their services and leave contacts to the customer. All offers and phone numbers are saved with the customer. He can call any executor or contact him via chat, even if the task is canceled.

The amount for the left offer is refunded if the customer did not choose you as an executor or when the task was deleted by the moderator due to violations of the rules of the service.

- How many offers do you need to leave to receive an order?

Usually, to receive an order, you need to leave several offers. A high rating and positive reviews increase the chances of becoming an assignee. The more positive reviews, the more often you are chosen.